This origin lore is where the Cantonese name for youtiao stems from: you zha gui, literally meaning "deep fried devils" or "deep fried ghosts." Very lightly flour the top side of the dough also. Judy is the mom of The Woks of Life family. It has a lower protein content, and therefore less gluten is formed during the kneading process. You might want two people manning the process—one to form and place the dough into the fryer and one to roll the dough around once it’s in the oil. In the morning, take out the dough and let it sit on the counter (wrapped) for 1 – 2 hours until the dough is back to room temperature and VERY, VERY soft to the touch. The dough should feel very soft, but should not stick to the bowl. The dough will become less stretchy if it contains too little water. You can click the link below, which will bring you to the respective section. Our Wholegrain You Tiao is the first in the world and is proudly developed here in Singapore by You Tiao Man. I have also seen youtiao used as an ingredient in many recipes, from a plain youtiao soy sauce soup (my grandmother’s go-to last-minute meal) to stir-fried youtiao with beef. Fat 58g. After the first thirty seconds, the fully inflated youtiao has become a firm and hollow structure. Youtiao , is a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough commonly eaten in China and (by a variety of other names) in other East and Southeast Asian cuisines. It does not happen this way by using the air-fried method. Enjoy this classic one! The closest English comparison to youtiao is the doughnut-like cruller. Example Usage Show Strokes. Each of them has merit, but it also becomes confusing when deciding which formula is best for me. Thanks for sharing your recipe, I always thought it was hard to make, but the way you explain makes it easier to follow. Let it rest for five minutes to relax the dough. Chinese Song Name: Dou Jiang You Tiao 豆浆油条 English Tranlation Name: Soybean Milk And Fried Bread Stick Chinese Singer: Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin Chinese Composer: Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 JJ Lin Chinese Lyrics: Zhang Si Er 张思尔 Sodium 1,893g. While making this recipe, I unearthed some funny childhood memories that I’d completely forgotten about. Subscribe for the latest updates on new recipes, and get started with our family's Top 25 Recipe eBook! I use all-purpose flour in this recipe, which has 9% of protein. Youtiao prepared with yeast alone is not as fluffy as those with baking powder. How does this food fit into your daily goals? youtiao (deep-fried breadstick) CL:根 [gen1] slick and sly person. If you are using any flour with more than 12% of protein, you can add a little more oil or substitute part of it with low protein flour. I called it Chinese doughnut (easiest to say amongst those three) when I talk to Tak. I am happy to see you in this comment area, as you have read through my recipe. Some recipes use baking soda to darken the color of the youtiao. Now, repeat those steps with the remaining you tiao dough. 8 % 4g Protein. I’ve made this recipe so many times now (this wasn’t an easy one to perfect! Keeping the speed at “stir,” slowly add the water in a few separate batches. Hi Lindy, It’s just that most publishers are proud of their work :-), Excellent bread love it very much thank you. I’d walk up to the bubbling pot of oil, ask for 5 crullers, and the man would skewer five youtiao onto the chopstick. The temperature for deep frying is one of the most critical elements to ensure youtiao’s success. A lightly beaten egg is poured into the hole. A lightly beaten egg is poured into the hole. thank you, I hear you, Harry. You can add the remaining if you find that it is too dry. electric mixer with the dough hook attachment, Chinese Beef Stir-Fry with YouTiao (Chinese Fried Dough), Pan Fried Fish: Chinese Whole Fish Recipe, All-Purpose Chinese Steamed Bun Dough (Man Tou). The unwanted taste in D is no longer there, which is a much-needed improvement. Both formulas’ texture and taste are identical, and there is no noticeable difference when doing a taste test. Now take a long cooking tool (we used chopsticks, but you could also use tongs), and quickly roll the dough in a continuous motion for about a minute. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This bitter taste is due to the higher quality of baking soda. Thank you so much for your love and support, Jolanda. Log Food. You can fry one to two at a time. This step is vital to make youtiao expand fully in all directions during deep-frying. 41 % 9g Fat. I am not sure about that. Therefore, 0.5% of baking soda is sufficient to make youtiao. Based on the test result and what I learn throughout the experiment (in the next section), the following are the tips to achieve the best result. Although it is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has become hugely unpopular and is only available at some large baking suppliers. While the oil is heating up, you can unwrap the dough. Take the time to make it truly uniform. Then you put the doughnut stick back into the hot oil to fry until fully cooked. The dough should now become smoother and less sticky. The refrigeration is for cold proofing, it’s required. Curious to know the answer, I carried out some tests to determine the appearance, texture, and taste of youtiao preparing according to various recipes. Baking soda can be removed from the formula. Heat a large pot of oil either using a wok, an, You need to deep-fry the youtiao in hot oil to make it fully expanded, with large hollow spaces inside. 8 % 4g Protein. This step is critical. (the exact amount changes based on the humidity in your kitchen; the dough should be very soft, but not sticking to the mixing bowl). However, the color also depends on the temperature and duration. The dough should now become smoother and less sticky. I think you are talking about a speciality from Henan province (河南). If you don’t let the dough come back to room temperature, it won’t fry up properly. If the oil temperature is right, the dough should surface right away. KP Kwan. The most commonly used leavening agents currently used are baking soda, baking powder, and yeast. Use a dry chopstick or a thin skewer to press the center again. You may need to use less than if you find that the dough is too sticky. Try not to over-fry them as they become unpleasantly crunchy rather than chewy and delicious. There is no need to knead the dough further at this stage. KP Kwan. Since this is a long article, I have divided it into four sections. Stretch each dough gently to about 2.5x of its original length.