To our families c. To us a. Nearly 37 million Americans with lung disease need access to healthcare coverage that includes the treatments and services they need at an affordable cost. Health-care is important to ensure a healthy body, a healthy workplace, a healthy community and a healthy nation. To Society b. Very important, according to many professionals in the field. b. Healthcare ensures our families in case of any sort of accident where we would need to pay a lot of money towards hospital bills, etc. Before the discovery of modern medicine, life was fleeting for humans. Just as the first U.S. state -- Vermont -- was getting ready to implement a universal, publicly financed health care system, its governor pulled the plug on his support. The prospects for universal health care in the United States appear unusually bleak these days. Share your story with us to help our nation’s leaders understand why quality and affordable healthcare coverage is so important. Importance of Doctors in Society. a. The individual benefits from good health, the workplace with its employees and customers is protect with good health-care, the community is protected from contagious disease and the loss of tax revenue from illnesses, and our national security is threatened when our … At present, the US healthcare industry alone spends $2.914 trillion annually. One of the most important, and highly debated, elements of our society is the quality of healthcare available to patients. The environment was replete with unseen dangers in the form of disease and medical conditions. In the world where evolution of technology is on the peak, medical science is also seeing innumerable advances. But, before discussing the value of cultural awareness in healthcare, we need an understanding of just what that entails. Why is healthcare important? But, when it comes to addressing patient needs, ensuring patient safety, efficiency of the system, and quality improvement, healthcare system performs far … You want to pursue a career that matters and makes a difference in the lives of patients. Healthcare is one of the world’s most vital sectors and due to the increasing level of demand in some branches of healthcare, reducing unnecessary expenditure and enhancing overall output and efficiency has never been more important. The truth is you won’t find many more professions more valuable to the healthcare landscape than nursing. Why are nurses important to healthcare. Cultural competence in healthcare basically is our ability to provide care to patients with diverse backgrounds, values, and … Having good healthcare for the society allows people to live longer, resulting in an increase in population and boost in economy. 1 Moreover, there are around 16,792,074 workers in the United States. And, undeniably, a driving force behind quality healthcare is the adoption of technology that enables clinicians to provide better patient care.