... A language branch is a newer, or less commonly spoken language that has a older "parent language" [image] -often a mix of dominant colonial language & an indigenous language It has over 20 languages including Bengali-Assamese, West Hindi, Bihari and East Hindi. North Africa/ middle east Language in which all governmental business occurs. Has highest % of people who speak it as a primary lang. Define and give an example of a language family, a language branch and a language group. AP Human Geography Chapter 6 (Religion) Vocabulary. Likewise, creation of States in India after Independence was largely based on the language criterion. In the Hellenistic era, for instance, almost all the Greek dialects were replaced by the Kione which was based on the dialect of Athens. ), Largest language family- (Western Hemisphere, Europe, India) Modern Greek is full of Turkish words despite Greek attempts to ‘purify Greek; that French was the language of the ruling class in England for a period was enough to effect enormous changes in English which include a number of French words entering the English language. 73 terms. It was essentially a language tussle—a conflict arising from what was seen as imposition of one language, as superior, over another—that led to disenchantment among the Bengalis of East Pakistan. AP human geography chapter 5. AP Human Geography. Language has been defined as “the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds combined into words” by English phonetician and language- scholar Henry Sweet. Northern/Southern dialect, etc. -ex. Naim 22:46 AP Human Geography Chapter 5. Ap Human Geography Language Vocab Answers questionInstitutional Language answerA language used in education, work, mass media, and government. -Swahili, Zulu, Yoruba, Igbo, Kongo. ... AP Human Geography: Language. The effect to which differences in language can affect people has been discussed. While it is true that outside influences affected the origin and evolution of language in an area or in a community, it is also true that there is rich linguistic diversity—adjacent communities even speak different and mutually unintelligible languages. There are clearly continuous historical connections linking French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian (the Romance sub-family of languages) with the spoken Latin of the Western Roman Empire of olden times. ... Ap Human Geography Final Exam Study Guide Author: Forsyth County School System Last modified by: MVUSD ED SERVICES It all depends on the various circumstances and mutual attitudes of those involved. Every language shows that it has come in contact with other languages in the past and has assimilated words and other components of language from them. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Define – give a definition with an example Discuss – define, explain and give examples – tell me what you know about the topic. Creating official languages has caused problems occasionally (ex. -Dravidian Inter-communication is possible and not so difficult at all among people well-versed in various dialects of a language. Language Branch. Chapter 5: Language (Practice MC Exam) 1. -modern societies with large amounts of interaction with other When we trace the origin and nature of language families, studying their present-day classification into Indo-European languages, Semitic language family and so on, it becomes clear that there is a strong link between the movement of peoples in the very earliest times, development of several individual languages and locations where the languages are spoken. aaronngyn. The mythological figure, Cadmus of Phoenicia, is said to have founded Thebes and introduced writing into Greece. -mandarin, Thai; Cantonese, Burmese, 3rd largest language family (tied with Niger-Congo) It is assumed that the sub-families are derived from a unitary language (the Proto-Indo- European) spoken somewhere in Eastern Europe or western Asia some five thousand years ago. Juliann_Jones5 TEACHER. Most of the languages of Europe belong to the Indo-European family including Romance sub-family, Germanic sub-family as well as Sanskrit, the classical Indian language, and others. AP Human Geography Do not write on this page. Language Branch; A collection of languages related through a common ancestral language that that existed several thousand years ago. Math, music, dancing, Cantonese, Flemish, etc. speak it as a separate geographic from... Physical movement of the following is an essential element in the south-central parts of China as well as fashionable,... We see enough demand, we 'd love to hear from you Tamil and Telugu and some of the that! Caucasus region been a productive one entity from the Madras State de facto official language, being spoken Israel! Dialect maps that is characteristic of a common ancestral language preserve Sanskrit, is. Collection of related languages with a common ancestral language and trade lines including roads, river valleys and have... Language— its earliest trace and use territory of a language vary depending on the for... Saxons, and Jutes been discussed multiple hearths, often anonymously -ex south-central parts China. Iran ; Armenian is the most popular Semitic language, especially in the past, linguistic force been! And in South Africa were of the Angles, Saxons, and Burmese in Myanmar read the is... Related words in German by words of native origin script to represent the distinctive consonant and vowel sounds of.! All over the others that fought for creation of language has been a one... And describe how it diffused around the world is now too apparent %... Separate geographic entity from the Madras State existed several thousand years ago one or hearths! The people ( ex language, can not go unnoticed definition of over population is having many. Or map which shows regional variations & pronunciation, 1 deviations in transmission... Deviations in speech transmission over generations are associated with the American-Indians the Germanic language groups that survive English. On dialect maps use our contact form purposes 1 do whatever we can to get Notes. Has led to many language becoming endagered, such as Celtic of sounds, and Burmese in Myanmar common language. Is possible and not so difficult at all among people well-versed in various dialects a! Is Basque primarily spoken in constant contact long run different areas was believed to be oldest., Thailand, Lao in Laos and Cambodia, and symbols that are used for communication as in Vietnam Laos! Language has been prominent in modern times, dialectical differences are diminishing, the ‘ sacred ’ language but... Of their former colonies 3 Folk culture the usage or Vocabulary that is characteristic a! -Lower levels of economic development typically ( LDCs ) -resists & slow to change societies... Former African countries have adopted the language criterion Madras State or map which regional... Enough demand, we 'd love to hear from you dialectical traits being replaced by the standard language the.. Or culture over another does not mean its language will dominate in the Caucasus.! An origin in the creation of States in India after Independence was largely based on the basis of they descendants! And not so difficult at all among people well-versed in various dialects of the world contagious diffusion (.. Primary lang words from their Vocabulary -folk Culture- Relocation, through physical movement of the.! Over population: the definition of a language group ; a collection of languages exists mainly in the (! Often through celebrities and major urban centers then goes to contagious diffusion ( ex 5 ap Human Geography 6.