The Ratings Game Beyond Meat downgraded at JPMorgan as Impossible Foods snaps up share Last Updated: Sept. 21, 2020 at 1:18 p.m. IN-STORE MARKETING. Unlike the meat industry, we … We're on a mission to save meat, and earth. Impossible Foods General Information Description. Impossible Foods' production process starts with plants, turning them into meat without needing to use the cow as a middleman. Here’s how. SAUSAGE. 51) and Beyond Meat (No. 3 Differences Between Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods These companies differ on how they make plant-based meats, which products they're pursuing, and … ET Increase revenue, drive traffic, and make an impact with Impossible. Impossible Foods is transforming the global food system by inventing a better way to make the meats and cheeses we love, without using animals. Producer of plant-based meat substitutes intended to combine natural ingredients into food products. BOH CULINARY GUIDE. The plant-based company reported revenue growth 69 percent to $113.3 million in its second quarter ended June 27. Check out our free foodservice resources. FOH Training. Burger. Science. We start by understanding what we love about the wonderfully complex experience of eating meat and dairy foods, and then exploring the plant world to find and bring together specific proteins and nutrients to recreate those experiences. Mission. 52)—are persuading fast-food fans to eat plant-based meat substitutes. Filed under Impossible Foods , 8/14/20 Share this article: Two food pioneers—Impossible Foods (No. Resources. Learn. Products. Get the scoop on our available products. ET First Published: Sept. 18, 2020 at 10:54 a.m. Community. We're here to help! Health + Nutrition.