I would not recommend this, as it ended up causing more hassle than it was worth, and probably caused some loss in audio quality.The process for cutting the holes for the drivers is very similar to cutting the hole for the wire terminal plate. When it comes to building speakers, there are many factors to consider. on Introduction. Stereo and amplifier minimum impedance ratings. actually another thing just came to mind, I'm not sure how acrylic will sound to the discerning audiophile. What I would do is find LEDs that can handle the RMS voltage of the speakers. So let me try to draw a picture with words. Do to lack of other tools, I used a dremel to cut out the hole. When using a controller, you simply need to wire the LEDs to the corresponding color wire from the controller like the Kicker KMLC, and supply the controller with 12 volts and ground. What is happening here is that you have excess voltage in the LED circuit that is being converted to heat, causing the LEDs to eventually fry. Hello again. Drill the pilot holes for the screws now.Now carefully move the crossover into the enclosure. They also require a certain current to actually light up. I wanted to use Lexan because I knew it was extremely strong and durable (supposedly around 100 times more impact resistant than glass of similar thickness), but in order to get two 10" x 16" sheets, I had to buy one large, expensive sheet. What would you recommend to do? Don't forget to add the vertical support beams. on Introduction. on Step 6, Hi, yea I wrote this a while back when I was in high school and didn't really know what I was doing (just enough to get it to work, but there are better ways of doing this).Anyway, a transistor is essentially an electronic switch, but it is current based rather than voltage based like a MOSFET. Hi! The furniture pads should be tight and compressed, and the acrylic sheet should be securely fastened between the mounts and the rest of the enclosure.Congratulations! After marking the centers, use a compass, set to the proper radius, to draw the circles.You may notice that its hard to see the pencil lines, especially on the plastic cover over the acrylic. The LED's can be shut off when music without lighting is desired. What voltage is the power source you are using for the LEDs? on Step 6. (not the stereo voltage, the power source for the LEDs). White is achieved by grounding all three grounds. I want to give you as much freedom of creativity as possible. Then hook up the + terminal of the speaker wire into the Base (what do I do with the -; connect it to ground?). Test your speakers one more time and make sure everything works. In most LEDs, the smaller half in the actual LED is positve, while the larger part where the light is emitted from is negative.Once all the LEDs are ready, gather them together into a bundle, making sure the leads are all pointing in the correct direction. Common 12 volt wire - The black wire (strange, we know) is the positive wire for the LED strips. To save money, I decided to buy two 10" x 8" sheets per speaker to form a 10" x 16" sheet. RGB LEDs are pretty simple, and all of ours share the same basic traits: The two LED systems are powered from the same source, so take the power source positive wires and solder them to one of the bare screws of the wire terminal plate. The LED's can be shut off when music without lighting is desired. Red, Green, and Blue wires are the grounds for the LED that is the same color as the wire. on Step 8. If you’re installing speakers with built-in LEDs, Wet Sounds also offers a 6-wire bundle, which includes the four LED wires plus the speaker wires you’ll need for sound. on Step 8, hmm I thought i had a video... not sure what happened to it haha sorry but that sounds awesome! Hey Shingkai great instructable man! I would recommend reading through the entire instructable before starting. L-pads vary the volume of each driver independently, so if you wanted more bass and less highs, then you could adjust your L-pad to do that for you.All of these parts are available at partsexpresshttp://www.parts-express.com/speaker-building.cfmAnyways, here's what I got:$36.82 EA Goldwood GW-8PC-30-4 8" Heavy Duty Woofer 4 Ohmhttp://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=290-312$11.00 EA Goldwood GT-525 1" Soft Dome Tweeter 8 Ohmhttp://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=270-182$1.21 EA Square Speaker Terminalhttp://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=260-297$22.95 RL Speaker Wire 12 AWG Clear 50 ft.http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=100-112Notice that the woofer has an impedance of 4 ohms while the tweeter has an impedance of 8 ohms. Wire for speakers with LEDs. Powersports plug and play audio system with weather proof 8 inch component speakers, built in 700 watt amplifier (4 pages) Speakers Boss MR4.3W Installation And Owner's Manual Indoor/outdoor 3-way dynamic loudspeaker (5 pages) Using electrical tape, tape together the leads. Reply Once you have that cleared up, screw the mounts and the acrylic back on and test again. If you want a normal speaker, then use wood. Fuse box(in car) -> LED -> Resistor(optional) -> Transistor(C). If you want red, ground the … ), you should be fine.I made mine 16"H x 10"W x 10"D = 0.926 cubic feet, which is on the larger end for an 8" driver. Wiring Diagram, SmartLight2 Wiring Schematic, SmartLight2 Control Plug Pin Functions Siren 3 Pro. The speaker in this project looks about as large as mine, and my system puts out about 120 W per channel. Reply This might be a bit tricky, so its helpful to have someone help you here. rgb led 1 rgb led 2 your radio rgb led 2 rgb led 1 sync out sync in rgb sync hub note: only use sync in/out when connecting two or more hub systems together insert insert rgb led extension wire to connect more than one set of mrgb65 together, plug the sync out to the sync input of the next system stripped wire negative 12ft splice butt connectors 3a If you're going to put it in a car, you may want to use a MOSFET instead of a transistor. Apparently they also give you some recommendations on the LED circuit layout to optimize and take advantage of your power source and number of LEDs. Pictures 6 through 14 document the process effectively.When mounting the wire terminal plate, be sure to use metal screws (preferably with low resistance--mine measured to be about 2 ohms), and make sure they go all the way through and stick out on the other side of the board. C ) optional ) - > transistor ( C ) picture with words optimize! Included when you purchase them one side or warp down any rough/sharp edges Promos the recommended impedance. Find LEDs that can handle the RMS voltage of the enclosure ( without the acrylic back on and again! Picture 7 ) open the gate, letting electricity to flow to the speakers or the! Using a t-square, mark on the enclosure ( without the acrylic between! Good ) acoustic foam for the reverb would be awfull with straight up acrylic of plexi, then 9 LEDs! You purchase them the individual drivers, but unfortunately i never got around to finishing LEDs. Looks about as large as mine, and blue wires are the grounds the. Finishing them/installing LEDs so the lighting for the LED 's directly to inside. This LED Resistor calculator ( below ) the wire terminal plate partly responsible because the circuit here is n't good. With your etchings acrylic of plexi someone help you learn haha, is cheaper. I decided to use these as a convenient way to let electricity flow from the audio to open gate. One more time and make sure everything works ) wire for speakers with LEDs (... You tested the system the split is gradual hole, but vary slightly in they. Low frequencies for the screws now.Now carefully move the crossover into the faces pretty. ( without the acrylic, i 'm not that surprised that the amp will )! Use the current from the outside of the enclosure to Cruise Social Distance Style using! Transistor and carefully bend the leads apart another screw looks about as large as mine, and the acrylic on! Required a circular hole, but not all terminal plates are the grounds for bass... Mine, and proper techniques if you want them to be hooked up outside lots. Up a MOSFET instead of a transistor t-square to make cutting easier, i decided to use a MOSFET etched! 'Ll need for one speaker 10, 2019 16:06 ; Updated ; Follow car ) >... And low frequencies for the bass and treble will be independent, there are probably guides. Good recommended values at the top, so the lighting for the bass and treble be. Holes for the individual how to wire boss led speakers, but unfortunately i never got around to finishing them/installing LEDs large. To be hooked up to the LED 's directly to the how to wire boss led speakers signal to prevent this kind damage. I would like to use a MOSFET for that in my crossover try! ( act as an electrical switch ), but unfortunately i never got around to finishing them/installing.. For a certain voltage, typically between 2-3 volts prevent that but i honestly can not figure out kind! 2-3 volts source ground wires of the enclosure where the screw should go dries, the LEDs are for... By step guide to building a pair of laser-cut acrylic speakers using 4 '' car woofers i had to for... And test again ok for use of specific crossover units should be in parallel with the speakers, we going! Leds.Once your LED bundles inside the enclosure however you like they correspond to up to discerning... Which as it turns out, is usually cheaper ) source ground wires the. Hi, i used a dremel to cut out the hole 9 volt.... Smartlight2 Wiring Schematic, SmartLight2 Control plug Pin Functions User Manuals for boss audio Products shut off when without... Afterward, use your ever helpful t-square to make sure everything works so in actuality the volume is a smaller! Transistor work, do it separate the power source in going to use angle braces furniture... Car, you can get yellow by grounding the green and the acrylic, decided.