Apply wood glue to the support blocks for the bottom shelf and set the shelf in position. I think it will look amazing! Step 10: Add the shelves! Finally, use a drill to attach another "L" bracket between the wall and the side of the shelf. Again, with one screw installed, make sure the standard is vertical with the level. Fit the pieces onto the sides of bookcase. To support the back edges of the shelves, I cut lengths of quarter round and attached it just under the back edge of each shelf. This is one of my simplest shelf styling formulas and one I use all of the time (including on the shelf above the TV in this bookcase). to … Once the top of the bookshelf is secure, attach the bottom shelf. Once the bookcase is positioned, place an "L" bracket on top so it is flush with the wall and shelf and use a drill to attach the bracket to the top of the shelf. Run a bead of glue down the back of each piece. I may have to make another one of these for myself! All done! Put the center and bottom shelves in place. Put the painted shelves back on the bookcase, and voila! Next I cut two pieces of 1 x 3 lumber and attached them to the sides of the bookcase. Each bookcase door has a fixed middle shelf and four adjustable shelves. If that bookcase you found at the flea market looks like it needs rehab, you can probably give it some TLC and breathe new life into that hunk of junk. 2. The doors are available in hardwood veneers, MDF or vinyl-lam. Here are 24 DIY bookcase makeovers that can take an old shelf and give it a renewed purpose. Attach two brackets and use the level as a shelf to ensure the shelves will sit horizontally. What you need is new bookshelf ideas, not new bookshelves.. It's possible to do this by yourself by holding the drill in awkward positions, but get a second hand if possible. Then I cut more strips of 1 x 3 lumber to attach to the shelves. I can’t wait to get this into a play room for my kids! Drill and countersink pilot holes in the side of the bookshelf and attach the shelf with 2" wood screws. I hope my kids enjoy using it as much as I had creating it!) (P.S. Bookcase sizes range from 36in. Learn about attaching bookshelf trim to your bookcase from a carpentry expert in this free woodworking video. With this piece attached, the shelves were already very sturdy. You simply stand about 4-6 books upright on the end, then lay 1-2 books down right next to them and put a small decorative accessory on top. For more tips, like how to secure an antique bookcase to a wall using Velcro, read on!