Add broccoli … I better go for my lunch now, your pictures are really making me hungry. Heat the claypot mixture. In some places, the varieties of ingredients are served dry, accompanied with a sweet or spicy sauce. Yap, tried it in SG but not M'sia. What a lovely and comforting recipe. 10% ONLY applicable for EHA Skincare brand products (online & in-store). I received these awards from a blogger from Philippines , whom I’ve met recently. A simple recipe that can be used for a yummy weekend, claypot yong tau foo is a classic that can be enjoyed by most. I've yet to figure out how to cook that semi dry gravy mix but yours looks delicious too. Yummy... yummy.. Shirley thanks for this recipe. Shrimp floss is such a tasty ingredient & you can add it in a lot of dishes to give it an extra kick. Not sure if I've the patience to do that. That looks delicious! 2 Beautiful Awards & Give Me 3 Words That Best Describe You! (oh visited after a long time :) busy with the newborn). DS, I tried that some years ago. its nice to know the recipe of this...And new header is very nice and attractive!! Pepper, hahaha! Yong tau foo soup from Hakka Chinese cuisine is a dish primarily made of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste. Let us all enjoy YTF :). Add yong tau foo & mix well. Totally forgotten the existence. Looks so yummy! cquek, fried stuff are my kinda stuff too! Urs looks absolutely delicious,Shirley! When people v... Here’s a fuss-free recipe for the busy executives & novice cooks. Easy and delicious to make at home! Sharon, you're absolutely right! Its a simple dish yet fabulous in taste. Amila, congrats on your new born! Guess, what?? Love your little claypot! I’ve just received one of the most beautiful birthday presents & my big day is not till November! EH, it's easy to make. Mix the two bean paste, shrimp floss & sesame oil with water in a claypot. Hahaha! Normally my mom will make this for us and we can gobble down every single piece she makes for the dinner. This looks soooOoo yummy, Shirley! Followers will also get a Special Pkg @ just $988 Incl of Chiropractic Treatments + Mechanical Motion Therapies or Decompression Treatments! I'm glad you like Asian cuisine too. You can eat yong tau foo soup in numerous ways, either dry with a sauce or served as a soup dish. Usually when my family wants to eat Yong Tau Foo, we'd just brave the hour's drive to Ampang to satiate the craving. Apology for the tardy response. Add “around two swirls of oil” to a wok and shallow fry the Hi Shirley, love young tau foo too, anytime and I never get tired of eating it. My Very Own Limited Edition Birthday Cookbook! Yong Tau Foo is a popular Asian dish that’s commonly served in a clear yellow bean soup. Hope you had a good lunch earlier. Looks so delicious that I want to have some too... :). :)) Love your version, look awesome. Reana, another special ingredient is dried fish which give the meatballs a scented flavour. You can also get freshly made fish paste in the seafood department of these Asian stores. Beautiful!!! 6. Must be really worth the trip there....... A lovely note makes a beautiful day! Thank you for dropping by Luxury Haven and taking the time to let me know your thoughts :). Luxury Haven | Award-winning Singapore Lifestyle Blog. Oct 29, 2013 - Clay Pot Yong Tau Foo (Yong Tow Foo) - Stuffed fish paste with okra, chili, egg plant, tofu, or tofu skin. Your claypot young tau-foo is perfect for this cooler weather. Your recipe is indeed kind of special, Shirley... never thought of adding mushrooms to the paste... and cooking it in claypot style too! This is X’mas comes... Park & Ride this Chinese New Year! SMRT is providing FREE Shuttle Bus Service to Chinatown from Jan 20 - 22! Is my fav home cook meal. Basically, they’re vegetables & tofu stuffed with fish or meat paste. Try the taste & adjust accordingly to personal preference. May 24, 2012 - Clay Pot Yong Tau Foo (Yong Tow Foo) recipe - In the United States, I always get frozen fish paste from Asian stores. Nava, I'm sure there're lots of yong tau foo fans out there & these ready-made stuff certainly make our job so much easier in the kitchen. hi Shirley...ok this is something definitely new and have not been sold in any part of malaysia among the hawkers..the claypot yong tau foo...i am gonna show this to my mum will ask her try it..hehe..thanks for sharing~ :D. Hong, hahaha! FC, I'm glad you like it too! Try the taste & adjust accordingly to personal preference. I'm sure you can do it without any help :), Hi Shirley,I love shrimp floss and didn't know that I can add this into yong tau foo soup. Thanks for sharing!! Jan 12, 2014 - My mum's easy recipe for claypot yong tau foo/niang dou fu (foods stuffed in fish paste) cooked in spicy soy bean chilli paste. I'm sure your maid has no problem handling it. Kathy, easy right? Love your sense of humour! Remove immediately when vegetables turn bright green, & stir in cornstarch. Add broccoli when boiling. Wow, an hour's drive? Food Promo Code: "FYLH15", All Others: "FYLH30" *Except Sale Items, hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography, Travel Planner: How to Spend 5 Days in Melbourne, Victoria. I love yong tau foo especially the ampang style - semi-dry style. Let it simmer for a minute & put the broccoli back into the claypot. Lol! Fantastic job :)Happy Blogging!Happy Valley Chow. We chose to use fresh batang (aka mackerel) fillet for the dish, first for blending and then mixing with the pork and other ingredients. Making the Yong Tau Foo —— 600g of minced pork 50g of shredded dried cuttlefish (grounded) 200g of fish paste or mackerel fish 1 tablespoon of cornflour 1 teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce A few dashes of white pepper A few pieces of vegetables of your choice A … Will give it a try again :), Fuss-free it may be, but this recipe looks so delicious :DAnd very complex with colours and flavours like this!CheersCCU. I am sure it taste delish!! Your recipe looks really good :DZoe. :D. Nice! =P. Hahaha! OMG! I live YTF. Posts navigation Never really had the knack of making it from scratch. Thanks, dear! Especially fried stuff, have u tried Ampang YTF?