Experts in accountancy were interviewed to determine the desired characteristics for the profession. “But the … In the resume example below, notice how the most important accounting skills – “Corporate Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Cost Accounting, Tax Accounting, GAAP, Risk Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Regulatory Compliance, Asset Management, General Ledger, Variance Analysis, Financial Audits, Financial Analysis”—are listed even before the Professional … CPA Kyle Bryant notes that critical thinking is an “invaluable skill” in the accounting profession. “Much of the day-to-day accounting can be fairly cut and dry,” he says. Professional accountants will need to balance a full complement of abilities, not just technical skills and a strong ethical compass, but a flexible mix of seven key qualities to ensure business and personal success, according to ACCA’s latest global research titled, “Professional … Five attributes of successful accounting recruits 29 April 2016 The notion of a career in finance as a pure ‘number cruncher’ has been usurped by a new breed of a financial professional, who along with being … An accountant needs a calm, organized and creative personality in order to … Accountants work in high-stress environments where missing one detail can mean high costs for businesses down the road.